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We have candidates with many different Administrative backgrounds and skillsets; from Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Management, and Customer Service. Our candidates are available with flexible in work hours and locations to help your business continue to move in the right direction as we reopen our economy.

Emilia Kasma

Accounting and Administrative Professional

My name is Emilia Kasma. I have been living in Fort McMurray since 2013. I enjoy travelling and experiencing different cultures. I am passionate about cooking and love visiting restaurants that offer new tastes unknown to myself. Although I am originally from Brazil, I have found my true place in the world here in Canada.

I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in accounting. I opted for a program with a financial focus because it gives you a better understanding of how businesses truly function. I believe a good business administrator must be able to interpret financial statements. Having worked as a corporate trainer,  an administrative consultant, and in the payroll department of an oil company, I believe I have acquired the necessary attributes to succeed in today’s challenging business environment. In my spare time, I have been studying data science. I also intend to study payroll legislation and possibly pursue graduate studies.

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Jessica Wilcox

Customer Service and Adminstrative Professional

I am an ambivert, I love people, but I also enjoy time to myself. If you are trying to get me on board with a project. The best way to motivate me is to show me how we are making a difference and what I can do to help. I am quite easy going but I am very intentional with how I choose to spend my time.

 Volunteering is a huge passion of mine. Especially when it involves people or animals who are in some way at a disadvantage. My favorite activities are running, playing sports and Bible study with a good cup of coffee.

I enjoy working on projects where visible or tangible results are present and progress is evident. I love doing projects that have a clear objective. I enjoy working with a small competent team who works efficiently. My goal is to be fruitful, not busy. My objective is to find the easiest, safest, fastest way to achieve the desired result without compromising the end goal, or quality of the product. I love mornings and the simple things in life.

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Kayla Spencer

Customer Service and Administrative Professional 

My name is Kayla Spencer. I was born and raised in Jamaica, where my main field of study was Economics. I have been raised in business and agriculture from a young age, working on our family farm store back home and moving to Canada and studying Business Management. 

When I am not working, I am usually at home researching a topic I’m interested in, crocheting, volunteering, or reading a book. I’m quite the homebody. 

I am very excited to continue my journey of knowledge seeking and growth in my area of expertise.

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Are you looking for someone with a specific skill set? We have many more great candidates in our database. Please let us know what you are looking for and we would be happy to send more profiles. 

Contact Kristen to view resumes or see more candidates.

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