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March Newsletter

Spring is just around the corner! We hope your business is busy and ramping up for a great spring season. We have many candidates to help you with your temporary or permanent needs. They are flexible and available to work from home, if needed. We also ensure all our staff are following Covid protocols in the workplace.

Please meet our March Feature Candidates.


Belinda Roscoe

Administration & Safety Professional

Hi my name is Belinda Roscoe, born and raised in a little fishing village in Lockeport, Nova Scotia. Growing up salty, one could not ask for a better upbringing, however our little town had little to offer and I was far too curious not to find out what was in the other parts of the world. Fort McMurray has allowed me to work in many different fields; the Catholic School Board, Syncrude Lake as an Executive Administration, and Aurora as a Lab Supervisor. After the fires, I returned with a construction company and led their safety team where I also started up my own company in the construction field.

During my time here I have volunteered with the Air Cadets, The Legion, Elections, Keyano College, Macdonald Island, the list goes on and on. The people I have met, friends who have become family, places I have been, memories made and travelling the world are all things that will be forever dear to me which I will cherish for life. I love Fort McMurray and have made it my home and am very excited to see what the future brings.

If you would like to see Belinda's Online Profile, please contact the office at


Sweta Shah

Accounting, Finance, & Administration Professional

My name is Sweta Shah. I completed my graduate certification in Accounting and Auditing in India. In addition, I also have post graduate certificate in Finance Management.

I began my career as an Administrative Assistant at Suncor in 2008. A year or so later, I took a break to care for my young family. I am now ready to devote my time to my career and look forward to the new challenges this industry will bring.

I have always been skilled at bringing people together and working towards common goals. My experience at successfully managing and leading a team, has led me to consider pursuing a role in the Administrative field.

If you would like to see Sweta's Online Profile, please contact the office at


Are you looking for someone with a specific skill set?

We have many more great candidates in our database. We have administration professionals in Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Management, and Customer service.

Let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to send more profiles your way!

Contact our Office for more details.

Jennifer Shiniman

phone: 780-790-2661



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