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What is happening in July?

We are here to help and support our local businesses. We know that when times are tough, we need to pull together to support one another.

Please see below for a refresher on our staffing services and our special rates during Covid-19. We also want to introduce one of our feature candidates, who has a diverse professional background and is ready to work.

We can help you with your staffing needs

Wood Buffalo Temps offers a full complement of human resource and recruitment services for administrative staff. 

Temporary employees

Hiring temporary employees gives you the flexibility to cope with busy times while protecting your bottom line. Whether your business is seasonal, or you take on special projects and need to beef up your staff short-term, temporary staffing is a great solution. Always scalable, always available, our well-qualified pool of temporary employees are ready to hit the ground running. As a bonus, we take care of payroll, on-boarding  and performance management.

We also help with:

- Temporary to Hire

- Recruitment & Direct Hire

Please click the link below for more information about our Staffing Services:


Special Rates during Covid-19

We have lowered our rate during Covid-19 to help you get the support you need.

Using Wood Buffalo Temps can save your company time and money. Your company will not have to provide vacation pay, holiday pay, WCB, benefits, insurance, severance pay, or incur any government burdens. The rate that we provide you with for an employee will be an inclusive rate including finders’ fees, the person’s wage, our mark up, and all other burdens.

Fees are based on which type of staffing service you require. Our fees are designed to provide a high rate of return on your investment by providing high caliber talent without the headache that often comes with the hiring process. We appreciate our loyal customers and offer discounted rates for clients that have multiple placements through us.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are offering a special rate. 

Please contact Kristen for our special Covid-19 rates.

phone: 780-790-2661 ext 2


Please meet our July Feature Candidate

Tracy Bland

Financial Professional

My name is Tracy Bland, I have lived in Fort McMurray for only a few years and have made it my home with purchasing a house.

I have worked in the area for about 10 years, on various projects on a couple of the sites in the wood buffalo region. Majority of my skills are in the safety administrator area, but not limited to safety. I have also worked in the project admin role, with my finance background has also given me the advantage to better understand the expectations with projects and budgets.

I look forward to becoming the go to person within a dynamic team in the Wood Buffalo region.

Click the link below to see Tracy's online profile:


Are you looking for someone with a specific skill set? We have many more great candidates in our database. Please let us know what you are looking for and we would be happy to send more profiles. 

Contact Kristen to view resumes or see more candidates.

Wood Buffalo Temps 780-790-2661

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