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, on the note, i'm not sure if that will help jbk, ubottu, I'm a dumb one! thanks all! if that doesn't work, you probably shouldn't do that again Ben64, I'm a dumb one, but thanks anyway Ben64, that's actually a very valid concern the_guest, Do you have any idea about the dmesg thing? Anyone know of a handy terminal like program for Windows that's not Windows Live Terminal? takamarou: i cant help you because i dont have any hardware here any system around do it for you? In 13.10 is it possible to shutdown without any screens being active? I'm about to test a kernel build and I don't want it to reboot if I do something wrong The guest, My friend sent me this computer, it only has Ubuntu installed on it. He's in the process of trying to install the drivers, but getting an error takamarou: what error? Failed to activate "fglrx": The control process exited with error code: "6" what does it say after that? Then it just gives me the command line. It looks like it does it on every log in are you able to login to unity? I'm getting the command line right now you want to know what is telling you this error? There is an email attached to the dmesg log file, I'm hoping to be able to pass that to someone else who is more knowledgeable about this so you can take a look and see if it gives you any clue as to what's happening open your file manager and click to browse to the file is it there? it's a big file, so I'll do that



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