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How to Stay Safe During the Cold Snap: Tips From SafetyBros Consulting

We've partnered with SafetyBros Consulting to ensure the safety of our employees and clients in all weather conditions, including extreme cold.

Here are some useful tips to help you get through the next few days

Over the next few days, Alberta is expected to experience an extreme cold warning. This means that temperatures will be around minus 40 degrees Celsius, with wind chill values expected to be close to minus 50. To help you get through this, here are some tips, tricks and resources to keep in mind.

Tip #1 - Dress Appropriately

We know that office workers should dress professionally, but in this weather, it's important to wear layers.

Please keep in mind the following tips :

  • Wear loose-fitting, lightweight layers of warm clothing, and don't forget to wear a hat.

  • Mittens that fit snugly at the wrist are better than gloves.

  • To protect your lungs from extreme cold, cover your mouth.

  • Try to stay as dry as possible and avoid being exposed to the wind.

Tip #2 - Sometimes the Simplest Advice is the Best

It is recommended to minimize travel, stay indoors during extreme cold, and keep a winter survival kit in your vehicle. This advice is worth repeating.

Tip #3 - Check Weather Reports

When severe winter weather threatens, Environment Canada issues special alerts to notify Canadians in affected areas so that they can take steps to protect themselves and their property. Check out Environment Canada's page on winter weather to learn more about the various weather alerts

Speak with your Supervisor/Manager about your company's policies on extreme weather.

Winter may be cold, but it doesn't have to be dangerous -- stay warm and safe and enjoy your winter, inside and out!

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